Computer Game Development

Computer Game Development

A serious attempt

C++ Ogre3D SDL Bullet Linux CMake Nuklear Computer Game

Like many computer game players I am trying my hand at writing my own.

I attended a game developer's meet-up in February and have another scheduled for April. I had nothing to show at the first meet-up as I was just getting started, but the second has proven to be a good motivator and I hope to show off my progress.

Everything remains very fluid, but I have begun to get various components together. I've been implementing things I have seen in other games in the event I choose to include something similar in my own.

I am using Ogre3D Next, Nuklear, and Bullet Physics. My Nuklear implementation is based on xissburg's.

The following screen-shot summarizes my progress.

a development summary snap-shot
The player accessing a chest

In this frame the avatar is looking in a chest. This triggers a display of its contents, in addition to the ever-available inventory panels.

The top grid is the avatar's inventory, center middle is the chest's contents, center bottom is a non-functional tool bar, middle right is just another container with a free-form layout. The image-items can be dragged from one container to another, and the mouse pointer is visibly dragging from the chest.

In the scene an avatar and chest are visible. They were both created with Blender, but very little attempt was made to make things pretty. The avatar is animated with bones and can walk. The chest lid is also animated for opening and closing.

There is a sight in the center of the screen that changes depending on what is targeted (a chest icon in this case), and shows where the avatar is headed. The sight icon was created in Inkscape, and the item pictures are examples from Nuklear.

The 3D components, and graphics, are rendered using Ogre3D and SDL. The UI elements are rendered using Nuklear, and the ground is represented using a Bullet Physics collision shape.

Gravity keeps the avatar on the surface, and it can jump (it can also fall off the edge of flat earth). The avatar and chest have collision shapes plus mass. The avatar can jump on and push the chest.

Everything is at a very early stage and I am still feeling my way around. My focus is on functionality and not actually the game-play. Soon I hope to have flushed out enough to refine my implementation.

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