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Fabricating my first temperature sensor board.

I have fabricated a wifi temperature sensor for my IoT project, IoT Plan.

The sensor board uses an ESP32 module for its core functionality: controller, wifi and temperature sensor. I paired it with a buck-boost voltage regulator that can be supplied by battery (3V) or micro-usb (5V) source. A 4-...

We live in a house built in the 60's, and we close off some rooms we rarely use to conserve energy. This year we have been tracking temperatures due to the installation of a new heating system. Wanting to collect more detailed measurements, I am creating a sensor network to collect temperatures auto...

Walking the Queens in Holliston

On a cool and sunny day walk, February 07, 2023, I happened upon a couple birds. A wood-pecker was searching over a tree, and an owl was nestled in a tree-top.

Equipped with my 300mm lens, I captured a couple long range shots.

Woodpecker Woodpecker Owl at tree-top


In this day and age it may be curious that I do not have much of a social media presence. Short of my Linked-in pages, I have remained deeply skeptical of platforms such as Facebook. This is not the reason I have no presence on Github however.

I have been developing personal software projects fo...

Re-doing my web-site using Grav CMS

I have been doing a detailed update of my web-site.

This includes:

  1. Migrating to External link Grav CMS from Wordpress.
  2. Migrating to new server hardware.
  3. Creating and adding a site logo.
  4. Polishing text verbiage.
  5. Adding a few new posts.

Migration to Grav CMS

I like many parts of...

Electronic measurement experiment continues

Inspired by the short-comings of my first locked-in amplifier experiment, this is my plan to revisit the subject.

My main oversight in the first experiment was not quantifying the difference between measurements, both with and without noise, and to what degree the noise would have influenced out...