Project Musings

The Works of Steven Green

Capturing spring colors

A peek at birds nesting in our front flower-bed and a flowering bush.

Bush Bush Bush Bird Bird Bird

More spring colors

We are trying to time the best blooms for our Crabapple Tree, and we are getting close.

Here are some pictures of the trees using a Nikon 70-300mm lens.

Crabapple Crabapple Maple Dogwood Maple

Capturing spring colors

A touch of seasonal colors to balance out my spring B&W photos.

Crab-apple Crab-apple Box-wood Yard

Assembly of version 1.1 of IoT sensor

I completed assembly of V1.1 of the sensor board. This version revised the power circuitry.

I applied techniques learned from the first version's assembly.

I placed the BGA power IC first. A thin layer of flux was applied to fix it to the board. Then the remaining SMT parts were placed. The boar...

IR Film Photographs

I obtained Rollei IR film for my Mamiya C330 TLR in January and had been waiting for a good sunny day with the trees blooming. Finally in early April mother nature obliged and I was able to get out for some mid-day shooting.

I took pictures at the reservoir in Hopkinton State Park. Then I retu...

Design of version 1.1 of my IoT sensor

I got cocky with the second step in my temperature sensor project, IoT Plan.

I assumed I finished the design of the power circuit, in retrospect I must have set it down to return to later. I did not connect all the required pins for the power IC and designed a new version. Hopefully the next tim...