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We live in a house built in the 60's, and we close off some rooms we rarely use to conserve energy. This year we have been tracking temperatures due to the installation of a new heating system. Wanting to collect more detailed measurements, I am creating a sensor network to collect temperatures auto...

In this day and age it may be curious that I do not have much of a social media presence. Short of my Linked-in pages, I have remained deeply skeptical of platforms such as Facebook. This is not the reason I have no presence on Github however.

I have been developing personal software projects fo...

Re-doing my web-site using Grav CMS

I have been doing a detailed update of my web-site.

This includes:

  1. Migrating to External link Grav CMS from Wordpress.
  2. Migrating to new server hardware.
  3. Creating and adding a site logo.
  4. Polishing text verbiage.
  5. Adding a few new posts.

Migration to Grav CMS

I like many parts of...