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Assembly of version 1.2 of IoT sensor

I've updated my web-site to display my IoT temperature sensor data. Currently there is only one sensor, but I have materials to make two more boards. I expect to have more boards fabricated so I can locate them around the home.

A Grav PHP plugin was written to load the sensor data from a MySQL dat...

Assembly of version 1.2 of IoT sensor

Although looking a little ugly, I finally have a working IoT temperature sensor. I had put it down for a time, but returned to this project in January.

The board now:

  • wakes from deep sleep
  • measures the thermistor temperature via an ADC
  • connects to my LAN via wifi
  • posts a "rest" message t...

We live in a house built in the 60's, and we close off some rooms we rarely use to conserve energy. This year we have been tracking temperatures due to the installation of a new heating system. Wanting to collect more detailed measurements, I am creating a sensor network to collect temperatures auto...