Planning my first IoT

Planning my first IoT

Logging temperatures using a Rest API

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We live in a house built in the 60's, and we close off some rooms we rarely use to conserve energy. This year we have been tracking temperatures due to the installation of a new heating system. Wanting to collect more detailed measurements, I am creating a sensor network to collect temperatures automatically from rooms and outdoors.

I am rolling my own IoT device, and will collect data on a local server. It will use an Espressif ESP32-C3 processor that handles the wifi. The device will be powered from, optionally, an outlet or battery.

I intend wake from low power mode, measure the temperature, connect to our LAN, write the measurement to a server, then return to sleep.

For this project, I have already implemented a Node/Javascript server handling Rest API calls. It receives data posted over the LAN, and records it in a Mysql database. Later, this server will be enhanced to provide query functions, and data will be presented on my web-site.

While still at the early stages, I have already implemented a simple prototype that receives data from an ESP32 device, and delivers the information to a database. Eventually I will have multiple stand alone devices feeding data to the database.

I expect this project to go quickly, and the future steps include:

  • Complete circuit design.
  • Have PCB fabricated.
  • Assemble the boards.
  • Write complete firmware for the boards.
  • Program and deploy the boards.
  • Create Rest API queries for the sensor database.
  • Create a web-page to display the measurements.

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