Migration to Grav CMS

Migration to Grav CMS

Adding spit and polish

www Grav CMS

I have been doing a detailed update of my web-site.

This includes:

  1. Migrating to External link Grav CMS from Wordpress.
  2. Migrating to new server hardware.
  3. Creating and adding a site logo.
  4. Polishing text verbiage.
  5. Adding a few new posts.

Migration to Grav CMS

I like many parts of Wordpress, however I wanted easier access to my content, and to be able to maintain the site as a project in my GIT repository.

Wordpress stores posts in an SQL database and raw data can be difficult to view and store in GIT.

Grav stores the posts as markdown text files organized hierarchically within directories. This enables the posts and pages to be stored easily in a GIT repository. I can now modify my site, test it on my desktop, check the changes into my GIT repository, and update my site by pulling the files on a GIT clone in my web-server root directory.

Hardware migration

For the past year, ThreeDBB.com has been hosted on a External link Beaglebone. I like this board, but it was feeling its age. The board's, relatively, limited memory caused issues when I was uploading images to my web-site. Being over-worked by the way I interact with it, I chose to get a board with more memory, External link Libre Computer ROC-RK3328-CC. My expectation is that the increase in memory to 4GB will smooth interaction with it. Already, I find it to be more responsive.

New Site Logo

I decided to make a new logo for my web-site. In the past the site had merely displayed text. To make the logo, I started with my linked-in picture. I applied an artistic style to the image in External link GIMP, converted the image to a multi-level SVG in External link Inkscape, and paired back the detail resulting in a single shape. I am pleased with the way it looks.

New Site Logo

Site Verbiage

Much of my site was derived from university papers. These were often rushed and messy. From time to time I revisit these pages and polish them. Without a doubt they could be cleaner, but my hope is that they become clearer as I fill holes I left with each new revision, without forcing a full rewrite of old material. With the twin migration of software and hardware I took another pass at cleaning up the language in my posts.

New Posts

I have not done well to keep adding posts to my web-site. There are a lot of small projects that pass by undocumented. I am going to try to do better keeping my site up to date. Attempting to do so, I have now added posts regarding the locked-in amplifier, CNC g-code generation, and my CNC router. And there are still others I need to write up. Hopefully I can keep on top of this.

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