Why not Github?

Why not Github?

My Self hosting of source code


In this day and age it may be curious that I do not have much of a social media presence. Short of my Linked-in pages, I have remained deeply skeptical of platforms such as Facebook. This is not the reason I have no presence on Github however.

I have been developing personal software projects for many years. Historically, I maintained self-hosted GIT repositories. These projects were always highly experimental and highly unstable. The source code tended to be messy and disorganized; the source was never something I felt comfortable putting on the web. Plus, many of these projects required specific knowledge to use, and could break with the wrong interactions.

Recently, I have begun separating code samples from my code-base to create code samples. I do not put them on Github simply because I still use my own self-hosted solution, and do not want to maintain two repositories.

I recently configured a self-hosted Gitlab instance. I perform automated build and testing when code is committed, as well as use it to host my project repositories. These projects span program source code, documentation, and now the pages for this web-site. In the future I would like to make some of my repositories clone-able directly from my server, but I have not looked into the details.

For now my, very small but growin, source code samples will be provided as a ZIP file.

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