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Assembly of version 1.2 of IoT sensor

Although looking a little ugly, I finally have a working IoT temperature sensor. I had put it down for a time, but returned to this project in January.

The board now:

  • wakes from deep sleep
  • measures the thermistor temperature via an ADC
  • connects to my LAN via wifi
  • posts a "rest" message t...

I've posted my project AGWAN progress slides that I presented SNH Game Developer's meetup on December 21, 2023.

They can be viewed in the game project section of this site, December 21, 2023 Slides.

I've been experimenting with C++ 20 modules.

Modules are a new way of organizing C++ source files, and my development tools have advanced to the point I can do some simple development.

The tools are still in their early stages, but I find the technology interesting, so I made a module version o...

I've been developing a computer game over the past year.

I had not posted on my development progress regularly on this site, but now my progress can be found under a new section under projects, Game Development.

For now it only includes development updates I've presented at the SNH Game Develo...

Capturing spring colors

The leaves will be on the ground soon, so I got out to Hopkinton State Park to get some seasonal pictures.

Next stop the winter greys, and critters hitting the feeders.


Capturing spring colors

Not quite peak color yet. The colors are only just starting to turn at Hopkinton State Park.

I'll need to try again in a couple of days.