Temperature Sensor V1.1

Temperature Sensor V1.1

Should have double checked

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I got cocky with the second step in my temperature sensor project, IoT Plan.

I assumed I finished the design of the power circuit, in retrospect I must have set it down to return to later. I did not connect all the required pins for the power IC and designed a new version. Hopefully the next time I design a board I will take things a bit slower.

The Version 1.1 board is being fabricated at OSH Park.

I learned some techniques for home BGA part assembly. The tiny BGA power IC did not solder correctly to the board during my first attempt. This may have been a result of my re-flow oven not getting hot enough. It appeared adding heat and flux under the BGA chip fixed the IC for the second assembly.

Here is hoping version 1.1 is the charm. The previous board gives the design details. Changes were made primarily on the power IC pins in the upper left corner.

Board schematic v1.1
Board schematic V1.1

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